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    i played from the oppening of the server... and i have to say, good work with the atacks of DDoS,but have to be more faster at time to fix a bug ,talk better to thee user who report a bug... and more simpatics,could be good if you announce the restarts o the fixes you do in game and the progres of the server on the forum or in news of the home page.... just are suggestion to have more movement on the server.... other thing, try to updaate the mmost faster posible too... the people who dosnt play its because are waiting the 2.0 . because i dont know if you,ADM's play to game but is empty,almost empty. And is sad for all the people like me we put time on it... try to do the things better and i hope the server revival with a lot of players . PD: try to look the bots... you say its so protectet the server but ,for exaple the clan Ares its a bit suspicious.
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    Thank you for your suggestions, we will take a look at this.

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