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Discussion in 'Flaming' started by Falcon, Apr 11, 2017.

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  1. Falcon

    Falcon New Member

    Dear community,

    Some friends and I have had a lot of fun playing in this server so far and we really appreciate the good job that the GMs have done. However, since day one we have been reading about bugs and bad settings in the server, claims that we ignored because the game was still playable and we were really looking forward to become a challenge for the big clans in L2Red. Achieving a competitive level is still our main priority, but it seems like all of those high-level players have left the server. We genuinely would like to keep playing here because my CP and I believe that this is a very promising project.

    One of the reasons why we believe people are leaving is because their voices have not been heard. We understand that not every moan from players should be taken into account but, in our point of view, some players were veterans in this game and they really had a good point sometimes. One of the most important things that we believe should have been considered and maybe changed are:

    • Having a level 5 clan by just donating - It is just not part of the spirit of a classic server, we believe.
    • Clearing karma so easily - L2 classic was thought in such a way that people had to hesitate before PKing someone. In here, however, PKing is quite a joke and it doesn't really promote PVP but only nasty attitudes and players.
    • There should be a reward system for players who vote for the server in sites like HopZone and Top100Arena - This is just a basic step for every starting server, we believe. Getting some small exp boost for 20 minutes, buff pots, hats, whatever. Nothing making things unfair but at the same time something juicy for players.

    We come from a corrupt server already (L2ClassicClub) and we know how things end up when the GMs focus only on having a stable server to make profit with. We are really trusting this server's staff and therefore we will continue playing.

    We hope that the GMs can be a bit more sensible in the future about the decisions they make and what opinions are being ignored and listened to.

    Hoping only the best for the server,

    Death Sentence CP
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  2. gszell91

    gszell91 Member

    Ppl leave becoz this is a testserver. (Among many other reasons)
    This is a testserver of L2 DEX, now they fix the bugs and they will open a new classic later.
    If u dont believe it, go to their facebook, it is public news. It is the last msg DEX posted on facebook like this: "our classic server is coming in june, meanwhile u can play at our friends server ->

    This kind of explains a few things. For example why they didnt spend money on DDOS - coz its needless for a testserver. They did something, but mostly just waited it out till they stop it. And yes they are working on the bugs, they are doing their job but server is kinda dead and they will just let it die.

    It doesnt really make any sense to update to 2.0 and advertise and stuff, once many ppl left and all of the competitive clans.
    It makes much more sense to open a new server. With proper DDOS protection, that IS good business.

    Another thing is on the same account advertises l2red as the one writing on l2 dex topic, name something like Tutonka.
    So i think im gonna wait for this server or another. Not the best option after blowing 1 month gametime into this server but...whatever.
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  3. Falcon

    Falcon New Member

    Wow... I have just checked on everything you wrote and it's true... really interesting. So we are being beta test puppets now? Can any admin explain?


  4. Feo

    Feo New Member

    Очень хотелось бы получить развёрнутый ответ на все это...
  5. Kursed

    Kursed Member

  6. Evil

    Evil Administrator Staff Member

    Most stupid thing i read .
    L2 Red is L2Red , nothing else .
    Stop posting conspiracy theories here . Thanks
  7. Dobrik

    Dobrik Administrator Staff Member

    To Falcon
    thx for your comment and criticism. About 5 lvl clan in donation shop, maybe you are right, but we understand this to late and can't delete now, because some clans already used this option and will not be fair for others. As you can see, we didn't change a shop from the start and we are not going to change it in the future.
    About "their voices have not been heard" that's not true I speak with all who write to me on my skype live:dobrikl2red or discrod
    About voting system, as I siad before all this tops is corupted... And this voting is not fair, but if you want we can make it. Make a poll for that.

    To gszell91
    Test server? Are you serious? So much work is invested in this server and you call our server test?
    We didn't buy any defense against ddos? We bought BEST defense that can be find, spent a lot of money and we worked hard to defense server. Our enemies (another classic project, you know what I'm talking about) spent a lot of money on this ddos, because they know that our project is much better and they are afraid of us.
    If you don't know I will tell you - there is no 100% defence agains ddos.
    And we continue to work on server (soon we will launch a custom event), we bought more advertise (yesterday we bought wallpaper here to try invite more RU players).
    You can check another tops or google.

    About dex, what is wrong if we advertise wherever we can? And ask for help from our more experienced friends? I do not see anything wrong with this.
    If they plan to open classic it will be their own project with their own files. It is their own business, not our.
    These files are our own, only l2red team.
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  8. Dobrik

    Dobrik Administrator Staff Member

    On this please, stop talk about another projects.
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