Event Tell your friends about L2Red.Net and get COLs!

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    We are giving you an opportunity to tell all your friends about Kain x5

    Help us to gather as many people as we can, and you will be rewarded.
    Together we can do more!

    The event will last from 10th of May to 20th of May
    Winners will be announced at 31 of May


    Step 1.
    Add to your Skype contacts: live:dobrikl2red

    Step 2.
    Download and launch this program: download Clownfish
    when the program will be launched for the first time, your approval will be needed to connect to Skype.
    After that, right click on the Clownfish icon and choose Broadcast mass message.

    Step 3.
    Create and send the following message to all your contacts on Skype.
    Classic Kain x5
    Soon update 2.0
    NEWBIE Bonuses! Join with me on the
    Note: to take part in event you have to have more than 30 friends.

    Step 4.
    Make a screenshot of your desktop with opened Clownfish program, opened Skype with sent messages and visible number of contacts.

    After that you will have to upload this screenshot as a reply in this thread and don't forget to mention about your skype details.

    5 people with the biggest number of friends on Skype will be our winners.
    Everyone who has at least 30 friends will get 50 Coins of Luck for his effort.
    31 of May we will announce the result of the contest.

    The prize will be: 300 Coins of Luck!

    The prize will be given away after verification.
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    Have 112 contacts but dont know how to show them,30 are showing up.

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